Learn from a Licensed Therapist

Nikki is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy and attachment theory. This course is not therapy, but you will learn specific skills that you can add to your tool box to help with communication in your relationships.

When your primary relationships are not going well, everything in your life is affected. This course will help you communicate more effectively and connect more completely with the most important people in your life.


Learn how to speak in a way that does not put your partner immediately on the defensive. Learn to identify your own emotions, and how to avoid typical traps that get you stuck in back and forth arguing.

Reflective Listening

Have you ever heard your partner say, "You don't listen to me!" Learn how to listen more actively in a way that actually helps your partner feel heard.

Self Awareness

This section focuses on identifying your expectations, reframing thoughts, and ways to hold space for alternate points of view. Meeting your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs helps increase your ability to communicate effectively.

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Do I have to be married to benefit from this course?

-Nope! These skills can be used with your friends, siblings, parents, coworkers, kids, or anyone in your life who you would like to improve communication with!

What if I am not religious? Or if my spouse is not religious? Can we take the course?

-Yes! I do reference one scripture (about charity) and another Biblical scripture story. And towards the end of the course I briefly talk about having a relationship with God. If you can look past those parts, the majority of the course is practical, non-religious tools for communicating.

Is there a timeline to finish the course content?

-Nope! Once purchased you have lifetime access to the content. Revisit it whenever you would like. One purchase can be used with immediate family (spouse or children). But if you recommend this course to someone outside your home (thank you!) please have them purchase their own membership.

What if I have questions?

-There is a comment section in each lecture where you can leave comments or questions. Nikki will be monitoring the course and answering questions for you along the way.